1. Killer Moon
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Written by Roland Justice.

Performed by Roland Justice & The Descending Spirals. Recorded at New Fidelity Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio.

(C) 2015 Justsongs Publishing


I walked a thousand miles, along those tracks
Carried my mortal sins on my back
I lost my vision
I lost my sight
I lost my soul to a thief in the night
Yeah, Yeah Under the Killer Moon

Murder of crows against the blood red sky
Cries in the distance begin to rise
I saw the lightning
I felt the rumble
I felt the earth move as the levee crumbled
Ooh, Ooh Under the Killer Moon


Darkness has fallen, the garden is black
Water is rising and it ain’t turning back
Black snakes crawling through city streets
Earth and sky won’t you deliver me

I walked a thousand miles beneath those skies
I’d walk a thousand more, to see those eyes